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The Story of the Rush Family


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Family Tree

This page holds the Rush family trees produced from a family tree program (see links on right).

It has been compiled from a number of sources, including official documents (birth, death and marriage registers).

However there are still many gaps in the family tree. It is progressively being updated following the 2017 Rush/Rodgers Family Reunion using If you have any updates to provide, please contact Steve Rush or Dale Hartle.

The information required is:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Date and place of death

If there are any divorces or partnerships, please give full details if you wish these to be included. You can use the family group template from the links on the right.

Amendments to family tree

While permission has not been sought to publish the family tree with details of name and birth year, sometimes the publication of detailed family information is not appropriate. If you are unhappy with your family details being published in the Family Tree file, please contact me to let me know so that arrangements can be made to remove your details. We're sorry if publication of your details causes any distress, however they were sourced from official documents or that provided by the families.

Analysis of Family Tree

Analysis of the family trees as at 1998 provides us with some interesting facts:

Counting from Richard Rush (1730- ), the Rush family now spans 11 generations.

The number of living direct descendants of John Henry Rush is just over 1030.

The number of males with the Rush surname slightly outnumber the females at 150:140.

Over 40 family members with the Rush surname were born in Palmerston North.

About 20 family members with the Rush surname were married in Palmerston North.

February, June and November have the lowest number of Rush family births, while the most popular months to be born are January, September and October.

No family members were known to be born in 1919.

Between 1847 and 1900, 48 Rush family members were born (including spouses).

The oldest family member at the time of his death was Thomas Rodgers, who died aged 93 years 4 months. The next oldest were Cecilia Rush, and Olive Newton, wife of Alphonsus Frederick Rush, who both died in their 90th year. Twenty-five family members were in their 80s when they died.

Four of John Henry Rush's children were born in July:

  • Ambrose Benedict Bonaventure (Nam), 1 July
  • Thomas Diego, 18 July
  • Henry Xavier, 26 July
  • Ignatius Thomas Richard (Dick), 27 July

Only two direct descendants of John Henry Rush were born on Christmas Day and they are Nigel Kay, 1959 (John Henry, Rose Cecilia, Finbarr Michael, Mary Helen), and Audrey Ellen Faulkner, 1982 (John Henry, John Alphonsus Frederick, Walter Woodland, Kathleen Ann).

Only one other direct descendant of Cecilia Eliza Herbert was born in a leap year, on 29 February 1928, and he is Roger Albert Rush (John Henry, John Alphonsus Frederick, Alphonsus Frederick).

Civil and Canon relationships

When you're viewing a Kinship report, you can see two columns labeled "Civil" and "Canon". These words, "Civil" and "Canon" refer to the degree of a relationship. The degree of a relationship is a legal term. It refers to the number of "steps" between two people who are related by blood.

Canon law is used in most of the United States. It measures the maximum number of steps from the nearest common ancestor. For example, you would be 2 direct steps away from your first cousin because your nearest common ancestor is one of your grandparents. So in this case, the degree is 2.

The degree in civil law represents the total number of steps through the blood line that separate two individuals. For example, there are 2 steps from you to your grandparent, and then 2 more steps back down to your first cousin, so the degree is 4.

Contact details

If you have any information or photos to add to the site, or any corrections, please contact Dale Hartle in Levin, New Zealand, by phone +64 021 45 34 24 or email mjhartle at xtra co nz (please adjust email), or Steve Rush - see Rush Reunion 2017 page.