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August 2018 by Dale Hartle

This is the home page for the Webgirl website, the personal website for Dale Hartle.

Rush Family Reunion 2017

For information about the Rush Family Reunion 2017, held at Easter, go to our Reunion page, or click on the image below.

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On this site you will find information about Dale, her current activities and projects, and links to websites and photo galleries managed by Dale.

On the Websites page, you will find detailed information about the private websites created and managed by Dale.

Recent and Completed Projects

Porirua City Council website upgrade, September 2017: A complete redesign and rebuild of the Council website has been completed during 2017. Visit the Porirua City Council website.

Reserve Finder: Thiw was a website launched in March 2013 containing policies, bylaw and descriptions of all Porirua City reserves, including maps and photos. The Reserve Finder was a finalist in the ALGIM 2013 Online Services Awards for Best New Website. The functionality has now been replaced on the main Porirua City website.

Live Beyond Your Means: This website, launched in December 2012, was the brainchild of the previous Communications and Marketing Manager at Porirua City Council to encourage prospective property purchasers and people looking for rentals to consider Porirua as a potential place to live. The concept was that people will get more for their buck in Porirua than in other places around the Wellington Region. The website had interesting information about each of Porirua's suburbs, a photo gallery of typical homes and views, and a link to TradeMe properties for the latest listings. This website is now offline.

Dash Swim School: Dale completed the building of the new Dash Swim School website on 20 December 2010. This website was built to better promote the swim school based at Cannons Creek Pool. This site has now been replaced by the Aquatics Porirua website in July 2016.

Porirua Library website: The new Porirua Library website which went live in early July 2011 focuses all the library information on a new front end to the library catalogue. This website was designed using to follow the same colour scheme as the catalogue, and adds a new dimension to the library information. Visit the Porirua Library website to see more.

Te Rauparaha Arena: Dale completed the design and build of the new Te Rauparaha Arena website in 2015. The Arena is a multi-purpose sports and events centre in Porirua City. Visit the Te Rauparaha Arena website for current and future events and information.

Porirua Cemetery Headstone Photographs: There are over 8000 images for the Whenua Tapu and Porirua Cemeteries, and over 100 for the Pauatahanui Burial Ground. Visit the Cemetery Search system. An exhibition about the Pauatahanui Burial Ground was on display at Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures in November 2009.

Heritage Roses: Dale has prepared a booklet of images of the historic roses at the Pauatahanui Burial Ground. The ownership of the burial ground has been transferred to the Porirua City Council through an Act of Parliament. Visit the Heritage Rose page.

Last Updated: 20 August 2018